"Coolant reroute" kits zum Verkauf

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"Coolant reroute" kits zum Verkauf

Beitrag von whisper » Mi 10. Jun 2015, 12:32

Hi everyone,

some time ago I started making coolant reroute kits for NA & NB cars. The desire for it which came from my need of coolant reroute for my own 1.6 NA turbo. Kits are not available here in Europe, so I designed my own based on existing foreign solutions (mostly from USA). Now I'd like to offer them to you, in case you are interested to reroute your own MX-5. All the information about the kit, why it's a good modification and how to order is available on the website http://coolant-reroute.com, but feel free to ask questions which are not answered there (unfortunately I speak only English, I hope that's ok). The kit is a big success on the UK forums, so I hope you will be satisfied with it too.

Some translator-made abstract: Effektive Verbesserung der Mazda MX-5 Kühlsystem. Sehr geeignet für verschiedene Leistungsprojekte. Hochwertige Bauteile von EU :) Weitere Infos auf der Webseite http://coolant-reroute.com

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